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The Advertising Producers Association (RY)

The Advertising Producers Association (RY), which aims to raise the standards in the industry by preparing the common ground for sharing information, experience and ideas for advertising, was established in 2006.

RY provides resources for the member companies within the structure of the Association, to develop their competencies at national and international scale.

RY; It organizes various study meetings such as forums, seminars, and conferences to share knowledge, experience and ideas.

By collaborating with all organizations across the industry, the Association creates a ground for consensus on the principles and legal rights of the commercial relationship between the Advertisers, Advertising Agencies and the Production Houses.

The Association makes recommendations and offers suggestions for the protection of intellectual and artistic works, and on issues such as copyright, patent, insurance, and contracts with all parties that are in the advertising process.

The Association serves as a referee and consultant on disputes between the Advertisers, the Advertising Agencies, and the Production Houses.

The Association cooperates with relevant institutions and offers relationship suggestions on advertising-related information, RTÜK principles, supervision of advertisements, etc.

The Association takes the necessary initiative to research and investigate new trends, opportunities, techniques and methods. It regularly monitors domestic and foreign commercials professionally, examines them, prepares comments and reports to shares them with its members.

* RY uses International Advertising Practice Guidelines as a base.


The Association was founded by Ahmet Ergülen, Ufuk Ahıska, Elvan Duruman, Bahadır Arlıel, Tunay Vural, Oğuz Peri, Diloy Gülün and Aliye Turagay in 2005.

The Board of Directors after the first general meeting held in the same year was as follows: President Ahmet Erülgen, General Secretary Bahadır Arlıel, Treasurer Oğuz Peri and members Tunay Vural, Aliye Turagay, Diloy Gülün and Ufuk Ahıska.

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Commercial Film Producers of Europe

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The Advertising Producers Association (RY)
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