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RYD - Job Principles

The Advertising Producers Association (RY), which aims to raise the standards in the industry by preparing the common ground for sharing information, experience and ideas for advertising, was established in 2006.

Professional Principles of Advertisers Producers Association, Related to Working Life and Copyrights in Times of The Restructuring of The Advertising Sector

1. The Advertising Producers Association is aware that under the current circumstances, the structural reconstruction of the advertising sector is inevitable. Based on this awareness, it will establish a common language by communicating with all the elements in the sector. 2. The Advertising Producers Association will be determinant by directly interfering in all kinds of areas in the advertising industry from working life, working conditions, royalties, public representation, to law enforcement.

3. The Advertising Producers Association is a legal entity in which the members come together in order to protect and improve their common economic and social rights and interests. The Association is the representative, the determinant and the effective authority in sectorial and professional matters.

4. The Advertising Producers Association will be the representative of its field, in public and private institutions. The Association will attend every meeting related to the field without missing any subject; it will take place on every platform, and expand its activity area. In this framework, it will organize workshops and informative meetings principally for the detection of professional problems with members, professionals of the members, and experts in their fields.

5. In order to form a united jargon in all legal and professional concepts to be used in the sector, common definitions will be created and a vocational dictionary will be prepared.

6. Creating a common language among Advertisers, Advertising Producers, Advertising Agencies, Cast Agencies, Cast, Set Crew, Subcontractors Providing Production Services, suggestions for the solution of problems and restructuring of the industry will be offered; principles of cooperation and ethical rules will be determined.

7. A new system with registered, written and defined rules will be adopted in the advertising sector. Necessary negotiations will be carried out with all producers and the public, for the institutionalization of this system.

8. In the Advertising Industry, in addition to Commercial Law, other related laws such as Intellectual Property Law, Labour Law, Social Security Law, Tax Law etc. are applied too.

Legal texts and contracts to be prepared in the new written system will be arranged within this framework.

9. No one working and producing in the Advertising Sector will be without the social security rights.

10. The “Freedom of Contract Principle” will be applied in the advertising sector and will be complied with the rules of Competition Law. 11. In advertising production, the Association will carry out effective work and cooperation between all parties, in order to fulfil the obligations arising from Labour and Social Security Law and Occupational Health and Safety Legislation.

12. Underlining that the advertising films are cinematographic work, a certain standard will be set for the Copyrights and of the owner along with associated rights holders, and media. Joint work will be carried out to create percentage bases. Professional associations will be established to determine, to collect and distribute of copyright fees, and in case of need a guild will be established.

13. Sample contracts regarding identification of copyright channels, and to be signed between cast and casting agencies will be prepared.

14. Copyright media will be redefined for all rights holders. The initial sales prices of advertising films will be limited to 1 year. After 1 year, all rights holders will have the copyright rights. This will be executed by advertising producers. In this framework, the Association will publish a joint tariff with cinema guilds.

15. Support seminars and workshops will be held about sector-related issues for all parties in the advertising industry, relevant field experts and responsible parties.

16. The Advertising Producers Association will support the organization of other people, companies, and institutions in the advertising industry. To integrate professional principles and ethical rules into the system, communication and cooperation will be established with these organizations and common protocols will be signed.

17. Professional principles and ethical rules of the advertising sector will be determined. The Association will carry out necessary studies to strengthen these rules by professional and academic circles, and to legalize them.

18. Professional arrangements will be made regarding children in the advertising sector, and effective work will be carried out for the legal ground.

19. Auditing and enforcement mechanisms will be established with other professional organizations, to ensure the professional principles and ethical rules are applied.

20. Active efforts will be made to avoid working with individuals and companies, which do not comply with professional principles and ethical rules.

(All items prepared are open to discussion.)

Best regards, (20 October 2013)

Legal Advisor for The Advertising Producers Association

Lawyer Burhan Gün

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